CeeLab - Cloud Collaboration for the NHS - Health and Care Innovation Expo 2017

CeeLab will be exhibiting at booth 251 at the NHS Health and Care Innovations Expo 2017.


We will be doing live demos of  how CeeLab provides Cloud Technologies for online meetings, patient consultations and peer-to-peer to collaborations.  We give individuals and teams within the NHS virtual personal meeting rooms and team virtual conference rooms so people can securely meet online; where they can see, hear and share content with each other.

CeeLab will be talking about it's successes in integrating Cloud Video Conferencing into the Health Space through our successful case studies.

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The Cloud: Three Strategies for Accelerating Business whilst Controlling Costs

At CeeLab we are passionate about the IT tools that are necessary for modern business.  In this article we discuss strategies that apply across the business landscape from FTSE 100s to SMEs to sole-traders, you should always   remember  'if you are not using modern IT tools to run your business, your competitor probably is'.


In this article we refer to larger organizations, but the scalability of the technologies allows sole-traders and SMEs, with an ambition to grow, to get onto the technology now so that they can embed best practices from the very beginning.

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Demo of CeeCloud Streamed to YouTube

On the 14 July 9:30 AM BST 2017, CeeLab asked Zimmer and Peacock to talk about their experience with CeeCloud powered by Videxio, and how the technology helped them power the growth of their business and improve the efficiency within the business.


The entire event was streamed and recorded to YouTube and so the event can be viewed by clicking the adjacent video.


At CeeLab we are here to help and answer questions, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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How to Integrate CeeCloud and YouTube

How to be able to broadcast to the most number of people in a way that is easy?


In our latest 'how to video', CeeCloud discuss and show how easy it is to integrate a CeeCloud VMR powered by Videxio with YouTube, so you can broadcast/host webinars via YouTube.  As always we are happy to answer any technical questions around this.

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CeeLab - Seeing is believing and sharing is caring

At CeeLab we can't over emphasise the power of Cloud Video Conferencing, and the power of having your own Virtual Meeting Rooms.


Our cloud video conference technology, CeeCloud is powered by Videxio; in the adjacent video Dan and the guys over at Videxio show how a team spread around the globe can be effectively coordinated through the power of Cloud Video Conferencing.


Whether your team is focused on marathon running or discovering a new pharmaceuticals, the team is stronger if the members can easily meet, see and share content in real-time. 

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CeeCloud - downloading your live streams from YouTube

CeeCloud - streaming and recording, downloading your saved meetings

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YouTube - streaming presentations, panel discussions, webinars

At CeeLab we provide business with professional Virtual Meeting Rooms and Cloud Video Conferencing Technology.


In this video we show how these virtual meeting rooms can be used to stream straight onto YouTube.  The power of the Cloud Video Conferencing Technology is that it can be used for private meetings, or the technology can be used to broadcast for the widest possible audience.


Click the 'how to video' on this page to see how easy it is to stream to YouTube from your CeeCloud virtual meeting room powered by Videxio.


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CeeLab upgrades client's conference room

CeeLab want our clients to have the very best experience when using Cloud Video Conferencing, so it doesn't end in providing just great speaker, cameras, monitors and Cloud Meeting rooms, but it also means shaping the real-world meeting rooms so that the lighting and acoustics all work together with the technology.


In the photo the CeeLab engineers are installing powered roller blinds into our client's office so that the level of natural lighting can be controlled.


Contact CeeLab for a free consultation on designing a conferencing room that is a pleasure to use.

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Why are $ 30,000 Video Conferencing Rooms not being fully utilised?

At CeeLab we see a lot of businesses where some good video conferencing equipment has been installed, but isn't utilised fully.  There are commonly two issues:


1) ISSUE ONE - The equipment can't talk to other peoples' equipment; engineers often refer to this as interoperability, but what they mean is that the conference technology cannot readily communicate with someone who only has a laptop, a smartphone or a video conferencing system from another vendor.


2) ISSUE TWO - There are not enough people trained to use the system, or the quick start guide is not clear enough.


At CeeLab we are solving both issues, so if you have a pre-existing video conferencing system and want to get the full use of it, then please contact CeeLab for a free consultation. We will assess what you have and where you need to be in terms of ease of communication.

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On the road communications

This is the CeeLab team brainstorming with Clients; our clients are in London UK whilst the commerial CeeLab team are in Portsmouth UK after a busy day there.


The power of CeeLab Cloud collaboration technology means that the team can have dinner, whilst we informally chat with our clients.  The simple fact is that Cloud Video Conferencing means that teams can meet, whilst mobile.


Please contact CeeLab to find out how our Cloud Video Conferencing Technology is essential for a mobile workforce.

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LAWBizTech - London

CeeLab is committed to secure Cloud Video Conferencing for the legal professions, therefore we will be exhibiting at LAWBizTech London UK; so please meet us there to find out about our secure Cloud Video Conferencing Technology.

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Cloud Video Conferencing for the Legal Professions

Security and confidentiality is a central tenant of legal practice and is at the heart of CeeCloud's Cloud Video Conferencing for the Legal Professions.


Online meetings and conferencing calls accelerates buisness and saves costs, and so at CeeLab we have taken the benefits, but made it secure so that it can be used by the legal professions.


Our Cloud Video conferencing technology and business has specific feature pertinent to the legal profession, including:


  • US Patriot Act - We understand that an online communication within a country needs to stay in the country and that is why at CeeCloud we don't route calls out of  the country, i.e. a CeeCloud Video Conference between a solicitor and client who are in the United Kingdom stays, within the United Kingdom, and is not routed off-shore.
  • Lockable Virtual Meeting Rooms - A meeting host sees everyone who is in the virtual room and can virtually lock the door, therefore guaranteeing no third parties can enter/or listen in on the online meeting.
  • Point-of-Presence UK - The CeeCloud Technology for video conferencing within the UK is located within the UK and falls under the local jurisdiction.
  • UK Ltd company - Our business is a UK registered company with the directors resident in the UK.


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LAWBizTech - Birmingham

CeeLab is committed to secure Cloud Video Conferencing for the legal professions, therefore we will be exhibiting at LAWBizTech Birmingham UK; so please meet us there to find out about our secure Cloud Video Conferencing Technology.

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Free Webinar - Running businesses using Cloud Video Conferencing

Martin Peacock of Zimmer and Peacock will be part of a CeeLab Cloud Video Conferencing Webinar hosted at 9:30 AM BST 14 July 2017.


The Webinar is a customer's perspective on how Cloud Video Conferencing makes modern business both possible and efficient.


The webinar is intended for anyone who thinks that  face-to-face meetings that effortless take place on-line will  speed up communication and make meeting more efficient.


Topics covered include:

  • Managing a multi-site buisness across two continents.
  • How we use video conferencing.
  • Features of Cloud Video Conferencing: Screen sharing, Hardware, Ease of use, Mobile, Professional, You Tube Streaming, Recording, Quality.

Hear why Martin's love of Cloud Video Conferencing is because it makes business better.


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Cloud Video Conferencing for: Security, Facilities, Fire Protection, Field Service Management and Professional Clothing

The power of Cloud Video Conferencing to accelerate business communication is not limited to one industry, therefore today CeeLab spoke at:

  • IFSEC International
  • Facilities Show
  • Safety and Health Exp
  • FIREX International
  • Field Service Management Expo
  • Professional Clothing Show

The message and the positive reaction was 'can easy-to-use Cloud Video Conferencing help you to communicate with your colleagues and clients'.


At CeeLab we are directly helping businesses in these industries host effortless, high quality video conferencing meetings with their customers and partners.


Click the buttons below to see the problem we are solving and to request a free demo.

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How to integrate Telephone Conference Calling with Cloud Video Conferencing

Walk into many conference rooms and there will be a landline conferencing phone sitting on the table in front of you; so you immediately know that effective communication to remote stakeholders is important to the teams in that building.


These conference phones are  regularly used and so there is a good group of people in that building who know how to use them , which is the secret to their utility.


The downside of these conference phones is that the people on the other end of the line can't see you when you you want to show them something, similarly you can't share content with them, and equally you can't see them, or what they are trying to show you.


At CeeLab we are respectful that people have established ways of communicating, the question we ask is 'can we keep your existing phone etc, but add cameras and content sharing, so that the meeting moves from feeling like a conference call  more to a face-to-face meeting'.


At CeeLab we integrate your current communication technology with modern video streaming and content sharing so that your conference calls become very personalized events, and less like remote long distance calls.

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Monday Meetings powered by Cloud Video Conferencing

CeeLab is proud to be supporting the growth of our customers, by the provision of high quality cloud video conferencing.


In a recent blog one of our innovative clients talked about how the virtual meeting room was key to their Corporate Culture.

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Recruitment Interviews are even more effective in Virtual Meeting Rooms

We recently hired two new sales guys, one to cover Europe and the other to focus on London. We were looking for natural sales people, who were also good with modern forms of communication. Therefore our first round of interviews were deliberately held online in virtual meeting rooms.  


The process was, we filtered candidates by resumes/linked in profiles and then invited them to meet us online in our Virtual Meeting Room. Each candidate was sent a link to the CeeCloud Virtual Meeting Room and when they clicked the link they were able to enter the meeting rooms.  These rooms allowed us to both and see and hear the candidate and similarly they were able able to see and hear us; in addition we were able to share content from our devices.  During the meeting we were able to 'lock the door' so any other candidates couldn't accidentally enter the room during the interviews.


The result was that we were able to  efficiently screen through more candidates by using an online format. It was  beneficial both for the company and the candidates, as no one had to travel for a first interview, and we could test each candidates skill in an online setting.


The final interviews were held face-to-face, but the candidates that were strongest in the online interviews performed equally well in the final face-to-face interviews and were recruited.


Our conclusion was that  virtual meeting rooms were a great way of interviewing candidates and were 100% accurate in predicting a candidates success. 

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Online sales meetings - do they work?

At CeeLab we absolutely believe in the power and efficiency of having sales meetings online,  even the first sales meeting can be an online meeting.

We do understand that a face-to-face meeting with a potential customer is a powerful  way to build trust and should always be considered, but there are situations where it's not possible either logistically or financially to meet and in these situation then an online video conference call is a great option.  If you are going to have a sales meeting online please follow these simple points:


1) Join the meeting early - It's good manners to get into the online sales meeting room early, so like any good host you can welcome the guests as they login/enter.


2) Make it easy - It is absolutely essential if you are going to invite a potential customer to an online meeting that it is easy, and shouldn't need them to download software, install something or create  username and password;  and If the customer wishes they should still be able call into the meeting using a telephone.


3) Share content - The online sales meeting room you are using should allow you to share the content from your device so you can present online, share videos, talk a customer through a service or product.  One of the joys of an online sales meeting is that you can share/broadcast content from your screen to the clients screens without having to worry whether your laptop is compatible with the  projector at their site.  

CeeCloud Solution and free demo

At CeeLab we have had great success in using our CeeCloud Virtual Meeting rooms for hosting online sales meetings, and as follow ups online demos. Please click the buttons below or contact us for a free online demo and let us directly show you the power of an online meeting room for hosting sales meetings.

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Online demos versus onsite demos

Often customers want to see before they buy, and the old adage 'seeing is believing' holds true, therefore you are often asked to come on site and do a demo.  In this article we advise doing an online demo, before going onsite and doing a demo at the customer's facility.


What's wrong with  going straight to an onsite demos?


  1. Onsite demos can be intrusive to the customer, i.e the customer has to host you from arrival to departure.
  2. The customer has to get all the interested stakeholders in the same room/lab/area at the same time.
  3. The customer may be requesting a demo without truly understanding the product, so the demo isn't aligned with the customer's expectations or requirements.
  4. A budget is not in place and it may take several years for  the money to be found.
  5. Demos take place in an environment outside your control so things you would need are not in place, or don't function correctly. 
  6. The customer may not be fully committed to the purchase and so they are requesting the demo more out of curiosity rather than being ready to purchase.
  7. The sales price of the product/service doesn't justify the travel budget etc to do an onsite demo

If any of these points  are familiar then an alternative strategy would be to first host a quality online demonstration in a virtual meeting room.  


An online demonstration means you have total control of the demonstration and neither you or the customer has to leave either of your facilities.


In our experience online demonstrations often leads to an immediate request for quote and so accelerates the entire sales cycle, and a good online demo can eliminate the need for an on-site demo altogether.


CeeLab provides the entire package for hosting successful customer facing online demos, including: the necessary Hardware, the Cloud Virtual Demo Rooms and training on how to host a successful online demo.


Please contact CeeLab to request a free demo of our online Demonstration Rooms, designed to accelerate your sales cycle.


Remember an online demo is the fastest way of getting a customer's buy in before going on site for a face-to-face demo.

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CeeLab Client gives each employee a Virtual Meeting Room

In an announcement today a CeeCloud Client launched a program of one virtual meeting room per employee.


Zimmer and Peacock have been avid users of the CeeCloud technology powered by Videxio, and having piloted the service within the business they have  now rolled it out to every employee. Click below to read more.

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Engineering gets a lot more efficient with Cloud Video Conferencing

CeeLab was today  at Subcon in Birmingham UK; the topic under discussion with the engineering companies there was 'would your programs be more efficient if the company , clients and vendors, could all effortlessly meet for regular face-to-face meetings?'  The answer was yes, but the complaint was that it was a struggle to get everyone in the same room at the same time with everyone travelling from different parts of the globe/country.


CeeLab explained their philosophy of using easy to use Cloud Video Conferencing as the solution.


Many of the companies we met today have signed up to a free demo of CeeLab's Cloud Video Conferencing solution with Virtual Meeting Rooms; please click on the button below to request  a free live demo of the CeeLab Cloud Video Conferencing Solution.

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Virtual Training Rooms replacing Real World Rooms

Today CeeLab helped our client host their first 50 person training session within a virtual training room.


The typical situation was that up to 50 people would be expected to travel to a hotel for the day ,where the trainers would present and field questions.  


The client estimated  that it was costing over 200 work hours just in travel, so this month instead of having the trainees pack into a room the client used their CeeCloud Virtual Meeting room.  


Each trainee was able to enter the meeting room by simply clicking a link, with no need for accounts, passwords, user names etc.


The trainer was able to see a list of everyone who had entered the room and was able to immediately mute any delegates who had excessive background noise . Once everyone had entered the virtual training room  the trainer was able to virtually lock the door so they wouldn't be disturbed.  The trainer could be seen and heard by the trainees via the cameras and microphones; and the trainer was able to share the content of their presentation in real time.


The quality of the experience left both trainers and trainees delighted and wondering why they used to travel through the commute when they could just login.

If the image below is familiar please contact Ceelab for a free demo of our online training rooms.

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HSBC Bank is offering online mortgage meetings using Cloud Video Conferencing

HSBC Bank understands that in this day and age it is unnecessary and inefficient to have people come into its branches to discuss mortgages, therefore in a series of radio ads running in the UK, HSBC is now offering online mortgage meetings using Cloud Video Conferencing.


At CeeLab we absolutely agree with HSBC that Cloud Video Conferencing for customer meetings is both efficient  for the client and the business, and is now possible as Cloud Video Conferencing has become easy without any need for installing software on peoples' devices.


Contact Ceelab today for a free demo of Cloud Video Conferencing and see how it can accelerate your sales.

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What does every remote worker need?

I am a remote worker, so what's essential to me?


Well I have my laptop, my android, and my internet connection.  Whats really important to me as well is my virtual meeting room!!


My virtual meeting room is my  easy accessible room, that's in the Cloud. In my room I can have up to 50 participants be it: friends, colleagues, suppliers, collaborators, clients etc.


Everyone can access just by clicking a link with no downloads. Everyone can see me, hear me and see what  I am sharing.  This is not Skype, as the quality is super high and you don't need a Skype of any type of account to get into my room.

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Free Webinar - Running businesses using Cloud Video Conferencing

Martin Peacock of Zimmer and Peacock will be part of a CeeLab Cloud Video Conferencing Webinar hosted at 9:30 AM BST 23 June 2017.


The Webinar is a customer's perspective on how Cloud Video Conferencing makes modern business both possible and efficient.


The webinar is intended for anyone who thinks that  face-to-face meetings that effortless take place on-line will  speed up communication and make meeting more efficient.


Topics covered include:

  • Managing a multi-site buisness across two continents.
  • How we use video conferencing.
  • Features of Cloud Video Conferencing: Screen sharing, Hardware, Ease of use, Mobile, Professional, You Tube Streaming, Recording, Quality.

Hear why Martin's love of Cloud Video Conferencing is because it makes business better.


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Video Conferencing with Slide Sharing

A CeeLab client had CeeLab Video Conferencing Equipment and the CeeCloud service; their enquiry was '...we  are having a VC meeting next week  from a hotel in London, and we want the far end to call in using a variety of devices, so I said we would use the CeeCloud Virtual Meeting room system.  In the room we will have our Sony PCS-XG80 (H.323 based system), connecting through the hotel infrastructure in the normal way.  The client wants to share slides, so I would normally connect the laptop to the Codec and use the H.239 facility; does this still work with the Videxio system?.


The CeeLab engineer replied 'Yes, sharing slides using the usual PC input to the codec works fine with the VMR. All video participants will see the slides, independent on their endpoint type. One comment to the PC sharing, if you share using the XG80, it is limited to SXGA and has a 4:3 aspect ratio.  If the guy sharing rather use a PC with MyMeetingVideo application and calls into the meeting, he will be able to share full HD and 16:9 aspect ratio. Your judgement what to do, we find that we often have a PC calling in purely for sharing in the highest resolution possible.  To have several sequential meetings, where overrunning shall be allowed, you need two VMRs...'

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CeeLab announces 50 person meeting rooms

Today CeeLab announced that it's Virtual Meeting Rooms just got bigger, and can now accommodate up to 50 people.  

Imagine every person in your organization had a personal meeting room, which was in the Cloud so could be accessed from anywhere in the world - this is now the reality with CeeLabs CeeCloud Virtual Meeting Rooms. 

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Bundling Hardware Leasing with CeeCloud Video Conferencing

At CeeLab we believe that to get the most from our Cloud Video Conferencing and Virtual Meeting Rooms you need good quality speakers, microphones, cameras etc.  That is why as well as providing great Cloud Video Conferencing Services we also lease the best in hardware so you can have the very best experience.


Click the buttons below to find out more.

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Acting locally and thinking globally

CeeLab is committed to our customers and clients in and around London, providing them with Cloud Video Conferencing technologies so that they can effortlessly meet with their clients, customers and collaborators without ever leaving home/the office.


CeeLab is acting locally by promoting to business in our local communities and providing them the tools to access global markets.


In the photos we show a recent campaign, run in local shops/stores to raise awareness in the local business community on how the Cee Cloud technology can help them.





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Day 2 at UC Expo

CeeLab were at the UC Expo today talking about Cloud Video Conferencing and Virtual Meeting Rooms.


To find out how the CeeLab Cloud Video Conferencing Technology can help you please contact us.

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CeeLab at UC Expo today and tomorrow

CeeLab are at UC Expo in London today and tomorrow, contact us to discuss your video conferencing and virtual meeting room requirements.

CeeLab bringing Cloud Video Conferencing to London from London

CeeLab are deliberately situated in London UK to support our London customers with our Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions.


In the picture Shay is leaving a London client having brokered a deal for a Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions.

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CeeLab Live Customer Demo

CeeLab will be hosting a live demo on Friday 19 May 2017 at 9:30 AM.  The demo will be featuring one of our clients  of the CeeLab service.  They will discuss how the CeeLab service accelerates their business and gives them an efficiency advantage.

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CeeLab bringing Cloud Video Conferencing to The Business Show

CeeLab is committed to business to business communication, hence meet us at The Business Show 2017.

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CeeLab Providing Professional Communication Technology to the Retail Industry

CeeLab is committed to providing the very best in communication technology to the retail industry,  and so we are attending the Retail Business Technology Expo 2017.


Click the button below to meet us there.

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CeeLab put Sony's Video Conferencing Systems in one place

CeeLab are committed to providing the best communication technologies to our customers and clients.  As part of this we have brought all of Sony's VS systems onto one page so that the systems can be easily browsed through.

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CeeLab's team at ISE 2017

CeeLab's team at ISE 2017.  The CeeLab team is committed to bringing the best technology to Cloud Video Conferencing, hence the team were at ISE 2017 scouting for the best in Cloud Video Conferencing technology.

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CeeLab's committment to Cloud Video Conferencing

CeeLab is committed to the clients experience in Cloud Video Conferencing hence we have launched the CeeLab Light which is the integration of an excellent camera, speaker, and microphone all web conferencing enabled through the CeeLab web conferencing experience.

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CeeLab will visiting ISE 2017 Wednesday 8 February

CeeLab will be visitng ISE 2017 on Wednesday 8 February.

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