Newsletter February 16

Welcome to this week's newsletter from CeeLab. This newsletter is a mixture of news and stories from Ceelab. If you want to subscribe to our newsletter or have any questions regarding our Cloud Video Conferencing please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Top tips for working anywhere

Top tips for working anywhere


At CeeLab we are traveling a lot, and with offices in the USA, UK and Norway there are a lot of people to talk with in a lot of time zones.


Here are our top IT tips for working anywhere - for authenticity I am writing this note with my laptop perched on my knees sitting in Oakland Airport California.


These are our top tips to to keep us efficient and connected when on the road.


CLOUD FILE STORAGE: Cloud based storage and synchronisation is one of the key tools for being efficient on the road, there are plenty of platforms including Google Drive and Dropbox.


SMARTPHONE HOTSPOT: When traveling WiFi can be unreliable or unavailable, but there is often a mobile phone network, so have roaming on your phone plans; use your smartphone to create a hotspot for your if you have a spotty WiFi connection. 


CLOUD VIDEO CONFERENCING: Though we are on the road we have to talk to clients, customers, collaborators and colleagues; our Cloud Video Conferencing platform is a MUST, for seeing the people we are talking to, having multi-site meetings, and sharing content in real-time.


LAPTOP/MAC: A good computer is key. It should be lightweight and up-to-date. The cloud is useful, but not always accessible, so you need a reliable solid state hard drive with plenty of storage.



If you need a Cloud Video Conferencing Technology for High Quality Video Conferencing when on the move click the button below to request a free 30-day trial.

Click below to get a 30 day free Cloud Video Conferencing trial.

CeeLab at web summit 2018

CeeLab provides cutting edge tools for business so we are delighted to be attending web summit 2018 in Lisbon Portugal.


If you are attending and would like to chat about Cloud tools for modern buisness please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Cloud Video Conference for the CEO on the road

This week our CeeLab management have been on the road. Though they were on the road for a purpose there were no excuses for not being able to have menasingingfull face-to-face meetings and content sharing with the team back at base.


If you have a senior management team that needs to wander, but still needs to be in key discussions then definitely get them a free trial of the CareCloud Cloud Video Conferencing technology

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Newsletter February 9

Welcome to this week's newsletter from CeeLab. This newsletter is a mixture of news and stories from Ceelab. If you want to subscribe to our newsletter or have any questions regarding our Cloud Video Conferencing please don't hesitate to contact us.

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We think it's good to work both at home and the office.

At CeeLab we are supercool with people working both at home and at the office, why?


1. You get more done in less time 😊


I used to work in an open plan office with about twenty people, I liked my co-workers, but how can you concentrate when there are six conversations going on in parallel, including sales guys making and receiving calls?  Allowing people, the freedom to both come into the office and work from home means they can collaborate face-to-face and then break and go ‘home’ to work against agreed tasks, in a quieter often less distracting environment.


2. Online meetings are much more efficient than face to-face 


Most of what you need for a meeting is on your Laptop/Mac so why bring that to the meeting, why not let the Mac/Laptop bring you to the meeting? Modern online meeting technologies like go-to-meeting, Videxio etc allow remote content sharing and meeting, so rather than walking around with a laptop under your arm just let the laptop take you to an online meeting.


3. Small things don’t stop the work day


When you allow people not to be attached to an office, they can design their work day to meet the demands of their lives. If they have a cold, they can work from home without spreading the virus to others; and if they have to take care of a bill they can manage it quickly without losing a business day. 

If you want a free consultation on teh technologies that allow for effective remote collaboration then please contact us at CeeLab

Video Conferencing from the home office

Working remotely and working from home is one of the most efficient ways of working; as long as you have profession video conferencing technology to allow you to clearly and professionally communicate with colleagues who are also remote or are in the central office. 


In this video we show how easy it is to have a professional video conferencing technology in your small/remote/home office.


CeeLab offers free consultation on setting up a video conferencing  in small offices, so please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be happy to meet you online and chat about video conferencing technology.

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CeeLab - cameras on drones

At CeeLab we are all about the added value from video and images in helping business collaborate and make decisions; we can help with collaboration across the office to collaboration across the globe


Sometimes we need to put cameras into places where people can't go and hence why we love the drone technology.


If you have a video need and you are looking for some advice on how to achieve it, please feel free to reach out to CeeLab.

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CeeLab and Videxio at ISE 2018

CeeLab were delighted to be meet with the Videxo team at their booth at ISE 2018.


At CeeLab we couple our high end video conferencing hardware with Videxio's excellent Cloud Video Conferencing Technology to give an unrivaled Video Conferencing experience.


Please don't hesitate to contact us at CeeLab, for a free consultation on what it takes to put Video Conferencing and collaboration at the heart of your business.

CeeLab and HRT - Huddle

Ceelab is delighted to partner with HRT on their Huddly Technology.


Huddle Hub One is the world's first Virtual Huddle Room.

It gives you the flexibility of collaborating and communicating in every space of your company – offices, open spaces, even lounges – using only the embedded screen and camera of laptops, tablets and smartphones.


At CeeLab we are all about the collaboration; for us it doesn't matter if the collaboration is across the globe or across the office we have a collaboration technology for you.


To find the perfect technology for your collaborations please contact CeeLab.

Securing your Cloud Meeting Room

In this video we show you how to set PIN number so that only with a PIN number will people be able to enter your room.


The quickest way is to set  a host pin number, that way the room is only open when the host/owner of the room is there.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact CeeLab.

Skype is being blocked in the UAE

In  a recent statement Skype has confirmed that it is  currently blocked by Internet Service Providers in the United Arab Emirates.


Please click the button below to see the statement on the Skype website.

At CeeLab we are keen supporters of Cloud Video Conferencing and so are passionate about supporting  those wishing to Video Conference in and out of the UAE. The CeeCloud Technology powered by Videxio offers a professional Cloud Video Conferencing solution to those wishing to Cloud Video Conference with colleagues in the UAE.

Please watch the video below to get an overview of the Videxio Service and click the button above to get an account fast.

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CeeLab with Sony at ISE 2018

CeeLab are a strategic distributors and added value installer  of Sony's Video Conferencing Technology, from: codecs, cameras, microphones, etc.


Zimmer and Peacock is unique in that we integrate the Sony products with the Videxio Service, thus offering the very best in hardware with the very best in Cloud Video Conferencing Service. 

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CeeLab and Videxio " ISE 2018

CeeLab knows that the future of buisness and personal communication is Cloud Video Conferencing, and that is why we were delighted to meet with Videxio at ISE 2018.


If you have any questions on how CeeCloud powered by Videxio can make video conferencing easy, portable and inter-operable please don't hesitate to contact us for friendly advice and support.

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Newsletter February 2

Welcome to this week's newsletter from CeeLab. This newsletter is a mixture of news and stories from Ceelab. If you want to subscribe to our newsletter or have any questions regarding our Cloud Video Conferencing please don't hesitate to contact us.

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CeeLab installs conferencing room

This week CeeLab installed a conferencing system at a local hotel, so the hotel could hire the room for corporate events.


The integration involved a projector and a screen, and importantly we trained the hotel staff on how to operate the system.

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Programme Meetings in the Cloud

In the picture the team is efficiently collaborating thanks to the power of the Ceelab Cloud Meeting Room powered by Videxio.


In the photograph one of CeeLab's customers are having an internal company meeting with a colleague who is off-site. The team members can see one another and are sharing the content from several laptops and Macs, so everyone is literally on the same page.

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International Teams Meet Online

CeeLab's customer Zimmer and Peacock are an international team with offices in the USA, UK and Norway, with customers across the globe.


The Zimmer and Peacock business wouldn't be possible without the Cloud Video Conferencing from CeeLab.


In the adjacent images the ZP team is meeting on line with the distributed global team.

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Making the Video Conference Room Simple

At CeeLab we design and install professional video conferencing rooms. On occasions we are called in to help fix Video Conferencing Rooms.


Just this week we were called in to help a client simplify a video conference room which had great functionality but was too complicated for the occasional user.


If you have a need for a video conferencing room that needs updating please feel free to reach out to us and get a free consultation and quote.

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Newsletter January 26

Welcome to this week's newsletter from CeeLab. This newsletter is a mixture of news and stories from Ceelab. If you want to subscribe to our newsletter or have any questions regarding our Cloud Video Conferencing please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Recording Meetings in CeeLab powered by Videxio

The CeeLab Virtual Meeting Rooms have the capability of recording the meeting, BUT this is not an anonymous feature.


Meetings are NOT automatically recorded and if the recording mode is activated by the room owner it is visible to the other delegates.


Please watch this short video to see how the participants in a meeting are protected from the meeting being recorded without their consent or knowledge.


If you have any questions or would like a demo of the Cloud Video Conference Solution from CeeLab please don't hesitate to contact us.


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Free Video Conferencing Consultation

Cloud Video Conferencing is here and successful businesses are using it for internal and external meetings, but not every business or organization is ready for Cloud Video Conferencing. The common issues for businesses as they get to grips with Cloud Video Conferencing is: inadequate hardware, complex technology, and insufficient training.


The following is a checklist for anyone thinking of adopting/rolling out Cloud Video Conferencing:


1) What is it that you want to achieve in your business?


2) How will Cloud Video Conferencing help you?


3) What is your strategy to implement Cloud Video Conferencing?


4) What is your hardware situation/does it work?


5) What is your training strategy?


If you are unsure to some or all of the questions above, but have a sense that Cloud Video Conferencing can help you run and grow your business quicker and more efficiently, then please don't' hesitate to contact CeeLab for a free consultation into how to successfully implement Cloud Video Conferencing.

Newsletter January 19

Welcome to this week's newsletter from CeeLab. This newsletter is a mixture of news and stories from Ceelab. If you want to subscribe to our newsletter or have any questions regarding our Cloud Video Conferencing please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Video Conferencing and Business Networking in Royston

CeeLab were today at the Royston Business Network, where we were talking about the benefits of Cloud Video Conferencing especially to large organizations. We used the example of the NHS where we have calculated that the the cost of internal staff meeting where travel is involved is easily in the range £500,000 to £5,000,000 per day across the organization.


If you want to know how Cloud Video Conferencing can help your organization save time and money please contact us at CeeLab.

Tips for using the Videxio Video Conferencing Technology

At CeeLab we know that the future of efficient business is Video Conferencing, and as Millennials enter the workplace they are going to expect the flexibility that Video Conferencing as a service provides.


On a recent client we picked up a number of tips from Hannah at Videxio which we have summarised below:



How to invite someone to a Video Conference?

To invite someone to a video meeting one of the easiest ways is to invite them via Outlook. At the top of the Outlook menu bar you will find an icon called "New Video Meeting".  

Click on the icon and an invitation will open with instructions on all the ways they can participate in the meeting. The guest chooses  how they want to participate and come into the meeting. If you wish you can customize  the invitation. 

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Royston Video Conferencing Centre and Support Office

At CeeLab we think both globally and locally, with offices in the UK, Norway and the USA.


We are delighted to be rampling our effort in Royston Hertfordshire, bringing professional video conferencing technology to local businesses and organisations.


At CeeLab we see that the use of professional video conferencing technology allows businesses to reach clients, customers and collaborators most effectively and efficiently . We believe in the face-to-face meeting but for routine follow up meetings professional video conferencing can be as good as being there in person, without ever leaving your desk, saving you and the client valuable time and money.

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Embedding Virtual Meeting Rooms into your website

With meeting online becoming the efficient way of meeting then having  your virtual meeting rooms embedded/linked into your website is the most professional way of your customers finding your meeting room.


In this video we show that we can link to your virtual meeting room from our website or we can put the link into your website.  


It saves you having to keep sending out links to meeting rooms, as you clients, collaborators and customers can just join from your website.

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CeeLab are bringing Design to Video Conferencing

At CeeLab we believe in clean elegant design and that extends to the installation of video conferencing equipment. CeeLab is able to provide both cutting edge video conferencing technology but with the screens, cameras, microphones and speakers discreetly housed within handmade Anglo-Scandinavian units.


The team that build our VC installations are master furniture makers. 


Contact us to discuss how to get the very best in video conferencing technology within the most elegantly designed units.

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Email Signature Generator

CeeLab is offering a free online demo of our email signature generator.

Royston Business Network - CeeLab

CeeLab is a company that thinks and acts both locally and globally, as we see that Professional Video Conferencing Technology allows local businesses to have a global reach by meeting clients and collaborators online. At CeeLab video conferencing enables us to have clients from Saudi Arabia to California.


We were delighted to be recently quoted in the Royston Herts UK Listing magazine as a member of the Royston Business Network.


We are now offering a free demo of our video conferencing technology to businesses in the Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire counties.


If you have a business in our local area and you want to increase business and time efficiency by having more face-to-face meeting without every leaving the office/home then please feel free to contact to arrange free demo of the technology.

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