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Video Meeting Icebreakers When Meeting With a New Team

Adding new people to your team, organization, and even onboarding new clients can sometimes be an awkward process. Even more so, if you are meeting on video for the first time.

Using fun icebreakers will allow for meeting participants to get to know each other and feel more comfortable participating more quickly. In this post, we provide you with a few video meeting icebreakers to try in your next online meeting.

Why Break The Ice?

Not only does breaking the ice in a meeting make getting to know each other a little easier and with a fun twist, but it allows people to be authentic with one another. Being authentic with each other for that moment will bring a sense of comfort to the conversation early on.

Doing this at the beginning of an onboarding meeting with a new customer can be a good way to build faster relationships over video conferencing. It also takes the edge off if using the technology for the first time. Using online meeting software can be intimidating to some users, so "breaking the ice" lets them loosen up at the start of the video call.

Start by saying your name and the role you play within the company or team before answering your "icebreaker" question. We've put together a list of questions you can use as a guide. If you have something fun you like to ask as an icebreaker for meeting new business contacts, tell us in the comment section below!

Icebreaker meetings are just one way to build a better corporate culture with video conferencing applications in your organization. 

Fun Video Meeting Icebreaker Questions

  • If you could have a superhero power for one day, what would it be?
  • Where was your last vacation? Or if you could vacation anywhere, where would it be and why?
  • What is a talent or hobby of yours?
  • Use a word that begins with the same letter as your first name to describe yourself and why?
  • Who would play you in a movie of your life story and why?

Team Building Video Meeting Icebreaker Questions

  • What part of your current job/role do you love the most and why?
  • Where would you like to see yourself at this company in five years?
  • If you could do one role or job outside of your typical responsibilities for a day what would it be?

Try these in your next client onboarding meeting, new remote hire introduction, or team meeting using video conferencing.

For even more video meeting icebreaker questions, speak to our customer service team at CeeLab.

TimeDoctor - An In-Depth Look at Zoho Projects

At CeeLab we speak to hundreds of clients and collaborator, and the one resource that they lack the most is time. When we ask 'what did you do today?', people have vague notions, and respond by saying, 'answering emails, attending meetings, answering customers' questions, but it is hard for them to be specific.


At CeeLab we see that saving and managing time is critical to business success.  In the buttons below we have linked to an article by TimeDoctor where they have reviewed some of the available Cloud  programme management tools. At CeeLab we are big users of Cloud programme management and have tested several of the services discussed in the TimeDoctor article.


A time saving tool that CeeLab provides is CeeCloud; a Cloud Video Conferencing Technology that saves time and makes programme management with clients, vendors, off-site team members so much easier.  It is hard to calculate how much time is wasted by people trying to book meeting rooms, or walking about their site looking for available meeting rooms, or worse driving off-site to meet with clients and collaborators.  The CeeCloud solution is a virtual meeting room in the Cloud where everyone can click a link and join the meeting through through their browser.


Click the buttons below to find out more .

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Top 5 Biggest Video Meeting Dos & Don'ts

Our team of Expert's get to meet people around the world each and every day using our video conferencing service. Sometimes, it can be a person's very first video call and sometimes it's a skilled video conferencing master just checking in to learn some new tricks.

Either way, over the years, we have seen a lot of examples of good and bad video conferencing etiquette. We've compiled our Expert knowledge to help you collaborate in the cloud with our top 5 video meeting tips. Check them out!

Joining a video meeting doesn't need to be scary, just keep these do's and don'ts in mind and you'll look like a pro.

1. Mute your microphone when not speaking

Do: If you aren't actively engaging in conversation, mute your microphone to eliminate any background noise or distractions for the other participants.

Don't: Don't leave your microphone on and type on your computer! Many people don't realize how distracting that is to the other meeting participants when on a video call. Your safest bet is muting your microphone when you aren't speaking or planning to speak.

Bonus: Wearing a headset with a microphone can help reduce background noise that might be picked up by the computer's built-in microphone.

2. Beware of your setting/environment

Do: Find a nice quiet, clean area to set up your camera. The fewer distractions behind you (including visual distractions) the better!

Don't: Sitting in a loud area can be distracting to both you and other meeting guests. If you have a lot of distractions in the background, like stacks of paperwork in your office, try to position your camera so others can't see it.

Bonus: Wearing a headset or earbuds can help reduce background noise for you and allow you to easily focus on what others are saying, instead of any noises around you.

3. Don't position your camera too low

Do: Make sure your camera is around eye level. This will make it more natural to look at the camera when you are speaking, giving the illusion you are looking at the other video conference participants.

Don't: Positioning your camera too low can make for awkward situations, especially in a conference room setting. You want people to see your smiling face, not forced to look underneath a conference room table.

4. Make sure lighting is good

Do: Remember lighting is a critical part in the video/camera quality. Having the light facing toward you and a well-lit room will make it easier for people to see you and give a better quality image.

Don't: Don't ignore the importance of lighting. Having a lot of light behind you, like a large window, can darken or shadow your face. Poor lighting can also affect the quality of your image and make it difficult for the camera to focus.

5. Don't look at yourself, look at the camera

Do: Look at the camera when you are speaking. It will give other meeting participants the illusion you are looking at them and can increase their engagement, giving the feeling you are in the room or speaking directly to them.

Don't: Looking at yourself in the picture-in-picture could cause you to get distracted by how you look versus the message you are trying to deliver to your meeting audience. We suggest using your self-view to make sure your camera is positioned properly and your lighting is good (two of our video meeting tips!) then closing the picture-in-picture if you feel obligated to keep checking your image.


Want to impress your meeting participants even more? Take your video conferencing etiquette to the next level with our technology powered by Videxio, we are offering 1 Month FREE Trial, so contact us today, ceelab.com or call our sales team 07582176032.

Cloud Video Conferencing in the Medical Space

One of the groups to benefit from Cloud Video Conferencing is the Medical Sector.


In the UK, Ireland, Poland and France over 50 hospitals have deployed video conferencing technology.


Teams use the technology to coordinate research and administration activities, whilst others have deployed it within operating theatre, so that the medical procedures can be broadcast-live to remote locations as part of student training.



In Portsmouth's Queen Alexandra the team uses its Video Conferencing Technology  to coordinate with other teams within the NHS and collaborators  across the globe.



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Avoid These 3 Live Streaming Video Mistakes

The live stream video begins, and the carefully prepared speaker begins addressing an audience of thousands of viewers. The presentation is going smoothly until, just a few minutes into the opening keynote, the video freezes. Some viewers sound the alert in the chat window, others try checking their own connection. But many viewers have left: On average, one in five viewers will immediately stop watching a stream with poor video quality and never return.

Most of the time, common live streaming video mistakes—poor sound quality are easily avoided with careful advance work. Organizations new to streaming video should heed this advice. In the process of helping customers implement and manage streaming video, CeeLab have identified common mistakes that stand in the way of streaming events and their viewers.

Mistake No. 1: Forgetting to Confirm Adequate Bandwidth

Without enough bandwidth, streaming video may buffer continuously, causing viewers to drop off. Determining available bandwidth is a straightforward process if organizers control the venue, such as in-house meeting rooms. Ask the IT team if, given the expected audience and complexity of the stream, the network can handle the traffic.

If the event takes place at a venue organizers don’t control, such as a hotel, organizers will likely have to share the network, CeeLab say. In that case, provide detailed requirements to the venue’s IT team to be assured of dedicated bandwidth at the precise time of the live stream. Also make sure that upload speed is focused on. For broadcasting, upload speed is the important factor for a successful stream. Many variables come into play here, such as wired versus wireless connections. That said, a good rule of thumb is to aim for having twice the upload speed that intend to have your combined video and audio quality set at. So a combined bitrate of 2 Mbps would ideally have at least a 4 Mbps upload speed to support it.

Mistake No. 2: Ignoring Audio Quality

“Audio is just as important as video when you’re broadcasting, and something people forget to take into consideration,” CeeLab say. Attention tends to be focused on video quality, which is important—but if low-quality microphones are used, or speakers are too far away from mics, then the message is lost no matter how great the video looks.

“You can’t spend $5,000 on a video camera and then use a $20 microphone,” CeeLab says.

If video is somewhat poor quality but people can hear the live stream, CeeLab add, viewers will still get the message. However, if video is high quality but audio is poor, viewers don’t get the takeaways. CeeLab advice? Buy (and test) quality microphones, and make sure there are enough mics if the event has multiple speakers.

Mistake No. 3: Failing to Promote the Event

There’s no such thing as “If you build it, they will come” in streaming video. Events should be promoted early and often.

“If your event is on August 2, don’t start publicizing it on August 1,” CeeLab say. “Let people know well ahead of time, through email and social media, so you can build an audience.”

When promoting the event, the focus should be on making it easy for attendees to join. For example, social media posts and emails should include links to add the event to calendars. In addition, event organizers can explore embedding live event video into social feeds, since viewers are more likely to attend an event if it’s watchable within the social networks they frequent.


It may seem simple to set up a camera and press “record,” but a successful live stream means getting the details right. Ensuring adequate bandwidth and prioritizing audio will improve the quality of the live stream—and make a good impression on viewers. And make sure to promote the live stream beforehand so that the audience knows to attend in the first place.



CeeLab Cloud Video Conferencing powered by VIDEXIO, are offering 1 month FREE trial on service and also supply high quality hardware to match the technology, so its TRY BEFORE YOU BUY, it’s simply a no brainer, contact our Sales Team now 07582176032.

CeeLab AV Installation

For a great online video meeting you need a great camera, speaker, and TV. The CeeLab team sets up the room and wraps the CeeCloud Service around it so that Video Conferencing becomes effortless Cloud Video Conferencing.


In this latest install our engineer has installed the TV, monitor, speakers, microphone, VC kit and supported it all with the CeeCloud video conferencing backbone.

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Join CeeLab & Videxio at LawBiz Tech NEC Birmingham Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th this week, to learn how Cloud Video Conferencing can help your legal services

Your Complete Cost Comparison of Video Conferencing Solutions

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Where do I start?

  • Ask yourself what is important to you? High-quality audio and video, little hassle/headaches, flexibility, customer support for when you do need it.
  • Know your goals with video conferencing - connect remote teams, weekly meetings across offices, better relationships with customers/clients.

There are many services out there, so it is important to take advantage of the free trials. Get your feet wet with video conferencing.

  • Decide what type device you want to use and who you want to connect to.
  • Find a service that lets you use the device you have, i.e. iPad, Android Tablet, PC laptop or an existing video conferencing systems.
  • Cloud service that is vendor agnostic is important if you have existing video conferencing systems/hardware.
  • Sign up for a free trial and a demo to learn about the features and capabilities and any additional costs for extra features.
  • Meet, Greet, Collaborate. Make sure this is the right solution for you by taking advantage of your free trial. There are many services out there, so it is important to take advantage of the free trials.

It’s Easy, it’s affordable, and it’s scalable based on your varying meeting needs.... it’s a no brainer.

Contact us at CeeLab to start a free trial today! 

Checking your CeeCloud room

If you are a CeeCloud user powered by Videxio then this is a super way of checking that everything is working for you before the meeting.

Cloud enabled boardroom

At CeeLab we are providing  Cloud enabled boardrooms to our clients.


In these boardrooms it is as easy to talk, see and share content with attendees in Shanghai and San Francisco as it is with the other delegates sitting in the conference room . 


Traditional boardrooms with video conferencing equipment have been hard to use and off-site delegates were only able to attend through their telephone or video conferencing hardware.  With the CeeLab solution all the delegates, both in-house and remote benefit from an extreme high-end video and audio experience, whilst the remote delegates can join the their PCs, Macs, smartphones,  telephones, VC systems etc.


What is included as a minimum is:


1) VC System

2) Screens

3) 10 Cloud Video Conference Rooms

4) Installation

5) Training

6) Service and Support


CeeLab - What to do if Ryanair cancels your flight?

On Friday I received an email to say that my flight on Monday to Norway was cancelled, sadly I was not alone and thousands of other people were in the same situation.



If you have a last minute cancellation of a Ryanair flight and you have a meeting that you have to be at please try this:


1) Sign up for a free online meeting room from CeeLab.


2) Get Shay at CeeLab to give you a one-on-one demo so you are super confident with the technology.


3) Send a link to the people you were planning to meet and have them meet you on line instead.


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1 Month Free Trial - Use Our Service for Free by Clicking on Try free for 30 days button and see how it benefits your business

Professional videoconferencing solution for people, teams, and businesses

Try free for 30 days

  • One meeting room per license with unique video address

  • Meetings for 50 video participants on multiple platforms + unlimited dial-in

  • Hosted in the cloud - access from any device

  • Join through your browser with no extra software - ideal for external guests

  • Fully compatible with Skype for Business

  • SSO available as standard (min. 10 users)

  • Multi-connect support with simultaneous dial-in for up to 50 SIP/H.323 videoconferencing units

  • Supports audioconferencing participants (PSTN or VoIP telephony)

  • Personal / Team room license options

  • 2-way content sharing for all video participants

  • Personal room activates additional unique personal video address

  • My Meeting Video app for video meetings + ad hoc calling on multiple devices

61 % of workers want flexibility in their jobs.

A recent survey by Regus highlighted that 61 % of worker want flexibility in their jobs. In our group of companies, we are a team of twenty and we have work flexibility at the heart of what we do. We have full time employment contracts with a defined total hour, but a flexibility in where and at what time these hours are executed.


In this blog we discuss the practical things we have done and the resulting benefits for the employer and employee.


What are the practical things that we do that aid work flexibility:


1) LAPTOPS - We provide laptops to all workers; these laptops are set-up to automatically synchronise documents in shared folders across these laptops.


2) CLOUD SERVICES - A wide use of Cloud Services for all of the functions within the business including: Accounting, HR Time Sheets, Operations, Engineering, Sales, R and D and Administration.  There is a policy that there is no information on a C drive somewhere, which is inaccessible.


3) SMART PHONES - Paying phone bills – Several of our employees don’t have a formal office and we simply pay their cell/smart phone bills.


4) CLOUD VIDEO CONFERENCING - Cloud Video Conferencing/Virtual Meeting Rooms – Everyone in the organisation has their own Virtual Meeting Room, where they can host or attend one-on-one chats or host meetings with up to 50 attendees.


5) TRUST – There has to be trust between employees and employers if you are not granting workers flexibility in their work because of the fear they are not working when not directly supervised then maybe there isn’t a good match.  We do use a Cloud Time Tracking System and so hours worked is verifiable, but of course there is a trust that these online time sheets are completed accurately.


As an employer and employee, there is a direct benefit to allowing more flexibility in employee’s work, which includes:


1) COMPANY CULTURE – People like their job and the trust granted to them.


2) COST SAVING – We have fewer formal office space because many full-time employees working close to 100 % from home.


3) STAFF RETENTION – We have never had an employee leave.


4) INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – People are not necessarily productive 100 % of the time, between 9 AM to 5 PM, if you allow people the flexibility to work in the time that they are most productive then you get more and better work form them. For example, we have a guy who is a late riser, but will work until 2 AM in the morning, this means he is responding to customers in Asia and the USA in real-time from the UK.


5)  NO-MORE-COMMUTE – Millions of hours are wasted a year because businesses insists on workers who are predominantly office based all coming to the office at approximately the same time, somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00 AM.  A flexible work attitude allows people to start their day from home, come in for some face-to-face meetings, and then leave before the rush-hour starts, and so get home efficiently and complete the day from home.


6) EMPLOYEE WEALTH – A travel pass for Public Transport can easily run into thousands of pounds a year, so just cutting some of the unnecessary daily commuting will put money back into the Employees pockets.


7) EMPLOYEE HEALTH – A flexible work and life attitude means that an employee can work in the morning, go for a jog at lunch time, take a shower and get back to work in the afternoon, how is this possible? Simply by not commuting the 45 minutes in and out of work everyday gives 1.5 hours back a day for something more productive.


This may all sound like grand ideas but it is a reality for our businesses, and is really the modern way both for business and more generally for society.


Contact CeeLab to discuss how we have put Flexible Cloud Communication at the heart of our clients businesses to make them more effective and productive.


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Connected Teams = Productive Teams

The CeeLab team were in California this week and whilst waiting in the airport lounge we spoke with a senior programmer who had some interesting comments about productivity.  In his experience, a 5-person team was the most productive sized unit once you got above that the productivity would drop away. He made an interesting comment that one of the most productive organizations he had built comprised of nothing but remote workers, who were all connected through collaboration Cloud services; and so as long as they could share their screens remotely with one another they remained productive. 

This is our experience at CeeLab and among our clients, as we have permanent online Huddle rooms that we can easily be entered where we can see and talk with each other through our cameras, and where we are able to share our screens.


Click the buttons below to see how CeeLab is keeping your teams connected and request a demo.

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Bridging the Communication Gap

These days an organization has people on PCs, Macs, Androids, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, and Legacy Video Conferencing Equipment, but how do you connect all these people so that they can efficiently communicate and collaborate.  Traditional collaboration tools such as Skype, WebEx and GotoMeeting won’t allow your team in the video conferencing room communicate with the engineer who is only on his phone.


What is required is a virtual bridge that allows the people on all these devices to connect to one another. CeeCloud from CeeLab does this by offering a bridge between all these devices, operating systems and services.

If you are looking for a super easy way of holding online meetings where people can join from professional video conferencing kit or just their browser then please request a free demo from CeeLab.


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CeeLab attending Hotel Tech Live Event on 26th & 27th Sept in London, building new customers that believe in fast, high quality Cloud Video Conferencing

CeeLab attending Cloudfeast Event on wednesday 20th september in London, valuable opportunity to learn and network

CeeLab provide a brief summary of deployment at NHS Trust, see how hardware and software all align to provide secure, high quality video and audio in the health

CeeLab deploy Cloud Video Conferencing Hardware & Software at Portsmouth NHS Trust

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LIVE CeeLab Q & A with guest Dan Honour from Videxio

Join Us on Friday 9th Sept at 930am for 30mins


Click On Link Below to Watch LIVE via YouTube.




My CeeLab Moment

CeeLab offering Vouchers for any Referrals, open to all, ends 31st August. Contact Sales Team on 07582176032

CeeLab offers Cloud Video Conferencing Technology as a service. Our technology gives you and your clients the very best experience when meeting on line.


CeeLab is offering retail vouchers to anyone able to make a qualified referral to us. Click the buttons below to find out more about the service or to submit a qualified referral and to claim your voucher.

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Cloud Video Conferencing is good for business - Business Show in London Olympia Nov 17th & 18

CeeLab passionately believes that Cloud Video Conferencing is an absolute must for modern efficient business, and that is why we are attending The Business Show on the 17 and 18 November in London at Olympia.


Please click the button below to meet us there and find out why Cloud Video Conferencing is good for business. 

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CeeLab heading to CloudFest at Grange St. Paul's Hotel on Sept 20th

At CeeLab we believe that effective communication within and to the outside world is key to modern business success, that is why we put Cloud Video Conferencing at the heart of what we do.


Our team will be attending CloudFest and we'd be delighted to chat about Cloud Video Conferencing as a service, click the button below to arrange a chat at the show.

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Streaming to YouTube from Extreme/Explosive Environments

One of the great features of the CeeCloud Video Conferencing Solution powered by Videxio is that the meeting can be streamed to and stored on YouTube as Public, Unlisted or Private Videos.


Our clients are already using these features, please click the button below for a recent real-life example.


The idea of having the cameras positioned in the field, but streaming in realtime has made us at CeeLab look for a camera with all round robustness and video quality HD video, and so we are now offering the Orbit X HD Camera.  


In addition, CeeLab offers a full integration service so that the Orbit X is integrated with our CeeCloud service, and so the Camera has a dedicated Virtual Meeting Room which is capable of streaming to YouTube and can be started with just the click of a button.

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Streatfields - Build your luxury brand with high quality online meetings

At CeeLab we believe that hiqh quality online meetings are an essential service when building a luxury brand, and so we are delighted to support Streatfields with their Cloud Video Conferencing needs.



Streatfields Skincare crafts luxury shaving creams, which are slowly made, with great attention to every stage of the process - their  creams are never rushed and no corners are never cut in their production.


Streatfield uses high quality Cloud Video conferencing from CeeLab to host both internal and external meetings with: clients, distributors and suppliers.  


Streatfields believe  in the power of the face-to-face meetings, but they also understand that modern business is fast paced and so you need to ability to host meetings in virtual rooms in the Cloud.  


Cloud video conferencing reflects Streatfields, as it is a blend of traditional face-to-face meetings with modern Cloud Conferencing.

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Take your team with you

CeeLab believes in bringing many eyes and brains to a problem, but when the problem is remote, off site, or in a potentially dangerous environment you can't always take your entire team there.


In these cases Live Streaming of video and audio from the engineer in the  field to the team back at base is a great option; also recording the live stream for archiving and later reviewing allows the problem to be shared across a dispersed global teams.


With live streaming from CeeLab the engineer is in communication with engineers in multiple locations across the globe, who see what the engineer is seeing and can communicate with them in real time; all the time the streaming is archived to the Cloud and so colleagues who are not on the live stream can review the video and audio and offer solutions off-line, or even view it in real-time on YouTube.


Contact CeeLab for a demo of our live streaming and Cloud storage for off-site troubleshooting.

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