VC System - PCS - XG77H


Enterprise 720/60p HD Videoconferencing System including EVI-H100V camera, remote commander and 1 microphone. 3 Years Prime Support 

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720P dual channel. Perfect fit for satellite offices connecting into a central or virtual meeting room. Superb video and audio quality, easy to install, configure and use.

This powerful yet easy-to-use HD videoconferencing system offers superb picture and sound quality, plus versatile collaboration tools and flexible configuration.

Smoothly detailed HD (720p) images at up to 50 fps make the PCS-XG77 ideal for a wide range of virtual meeting and distance learning applications.

Crystal-clear pictures from the PTZ camera (not included with PCS-XG77S) are complemented by clear, natural sounding audio. Dual stream video and PC presentations can be shared seamlessly with remote locations at 30 fps.

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