CeeLab's Cloud Video Technology  is 'better than being there', and without the hassle and expense of going there.  You can accelerate business success by unlocking the power of our Cloud Video Conferencing Technology, backed up by our hardware and professional services.


Save money, time and effort through;


  • YOU TO THEM - Virtually transport your teams straight into  meeting rooms, offices, labs, clinics across the globe without them ever leaving their desks.


  • THEM TO YOU - Have your customers and collaborators virtually transported straight into your office and facilities without them every their desks and offices.


  • ALL OF US - Have multiple teams across the country and around the globe meet in virtual meeting rooms, - see all the participants, view screens, share HD cameras.  The experience is better than being there.



CeeLab is an integrator of video conferencing products and services based on equipment from top quality manufacturers and partners. We have been in the VC market since 2010, developing from an OEM customer of Sony to having a full portfolio of room systems, mobile clients, enterprise infrastructure solutions, and video services (CeeCloud).

Through the years we have developed a wide partner network and are able to deliver world wide as well as assisting with on-site installations at any location.

We provide

- Personalized service

- Product knowledge

- Flexibility