An appointment with your doctor has gone online

Once upon a time  in order to see a doctor you would book an appointment, go the surgery, wait in line and eventually you would see a doctor.


In some practices and systems you can now wait up to or beyond 2-weeks for an appointment. The appointment is probably 20-minutes or less, but the travel to and from the appointment, the waiting etc means it could be a large part of your morning or afternoon.


The issue is that people have maybe 10 to 20 days holiday a year and so they may be forced to take a half-day of that allowance just to see the doctor in a 20-minute consultation. People therefore weigh up whether going to the doctor is worth it or not, and so things that could have been caught early are delayed.


All these factors have created a new market where doctors have gone online, and so now it is possible to book and see a doctor via Cloud Video Conferencing from your smart device.


If you do an internet search on online doctors appointments you will be hit by a large number of online services promising same day appointments via Video Conferencing.


If you are a company or a medical provider that sees the power of offering online doctors appointments, via a Video Conferencing Service then please contact us at CeeLab. CeeLab can provide you with the hardware, the service and the training so that you can offer online consultations from a secure service.