Newsletter January 19

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Video Conferencing and Business Networking in Royston


CeeLab were today at the Royston Business Network, where we were talking about the benefits of Cloud Video Conferencing especially to large organizations. We used the example of the NHS where we have calculated that the the cost of internal staff meeting where travel is involved is easily in the range £500,000 to £5,000,000 per day across the organization.


If you want to know how Cloud Video Conferencing can help your organisation save time and money please contact us at CeeLab.

Tips for using the Videxio Video Conferencing Technology


At CeeLab we know that the future of efficient business is Video Conferencing, and as Millennials enter the workplace they are going to expect the flexibility that Video Conferencing as a service provides.


On a recent client we picked up a number of tips from Hannah at Videxio which we have summarised on this blog post

Royston Video Conferencing Centre and Support Office


At CeeLab we think both globally and locally with offices in the UK, Norway and the USA.


We are delighted to be ramping up our effort in Royston Hertfordshire, bringing professional video conferencing technology to local businesses and organisations.


At CeeLab we see that the use of professional video conferencing technology allows businesses to reach clients, customers and collaborators most effectively and efficiently. We believe in the face-to-face meeting but for routine follow up meetings professional video conferencing can be as good as being there in person, without ever leaving your desk, saving you and the client valuable time and money.


The CeeLab Video Conferencing Technology provides a virtual meeting room that you and your clients enter from your PC, Mac and Phones. The difference with CeeLab is that we provide professional hardware suitable for the home office, small meeting room and large conferencing room.

Embedding Virtual Meeting Rooms into your website


With meeting online becoming the efficient way of meeting then having  your virtual meeting rooms embedded/linked into your website is the most professional way of your customers finding your meeting room.


In this video we show that we can link to your virtual meeting room from our website or we can put the link into your website.  It saves you having to keep sending out links to meeting rooms, as you clients, collaborators and customers can just join from your website.

CeeLab are bringing Design to Video Conferencing


At CeeLab we believe in clean elegant design and that extends to the installation of video conferencing equipment. CeeLab is able to provide both cutting edge video conferencing technology but with the screens, cameras, microphones and speakers discreetly housed within handmade Anglo-Scandinavian units.


The team that build our VC installations are master furniture makers. Contact us to discuss how to get the very best in video conferencing technology within the most elegantly designed units.