Ceelab - in the Operating Room

CeeLab is unique in the integration of medical technologies and needs with video capturing/conferencing technologies, because:


  1. CeeLab understands video and web conferencing technologies.
  2. CeeLab understands both the workflows and instruments used in the operating room.  

CeeLab has enabled our medical partners to directly integrate their operating instruments into our web and video conferencing systems, so that images and audio from the operating rooms can be streamed in real time to trusted sites and partners.  

Below see the instruments and institutions to which we have brought our video conferencing technologies, so that the operating rooms and the medical instruments data can be broadcast in real time to trusted partners and institutions both nationally and internationally.

Some of the video footage resulting from CeeLab's integration with medical instruments in the operating room is shown below.

Removal of a large sphenochoanal polyp - integration with CeeLab technology allows capture of video

VIDEO Description

The removal of a large sphenochoanal polyp streamed using CeeLab's technology. In the video the middle, superior and supreme nasal turbinates were visualized.  Also the lateral opticocarotid recess, lateral recess of the sphenoid sinus and the pulsing of internal carotid artery are shown. Finally the mucocele of the last posterior ethmoidal cell opening below the supreme nasal turbinate was cleared.