Newsletter June 18

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Professional Conference Rooms for Larger Meetings


At CeeLab we supply and support Video Conferencing and Cloud Video Conferencing.


Modern video conferencing works across platforms be it smart phones, PCs and Macs.  In the screenshot you can see a meeting between a team and a remote worker. 


The team is over six people,  in a situation like this you need professional video conferencing technology, including large screens, codecs, speakers and microphones.  If you have larger teams and want to unlock the power of Cloud Video Conferencing for larger teams please contact CeeLab for a free Video Conferencing Room consultation.

Conferencing - Miami - Oslo - Cambridge


Cloud Video Conferencing allows your team across the globe to stay connected. 


In a recent call we had three teams in Miami, Cambridge UK and Oslo. All groups were able to have a clear and productive meeting via the virtual meeting room.


If you have remote team or a team that is on the road then the virtual meeting rooms from Ceelab can help them stay in touch.