Remote workers give a business advantage

One of CeeLab's biggest users of Cloud Video Conferencing has remote workers in: 


  • Horten, Norway
  • Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Wolverhampton, United Kingdon
  • Napa, CA USA

They have plans to expand this to São Paulo Brazil.  There are two questions which are 'why such a dispersed team and how do you manage such an organization?'




The unexpected fact is that if you have small globally dispersed team then the business opportunities that open up are and are discovered are  much more than if all these people were located in one central office.


The philosophy is that most business opportunities exist outside of the company and they occur across the globe; therefore if you have a majority of your team in one location in one office then the team is efficient at internal communication, but the rate of external communication to the rest of the word goes down, because the team becomes inward facing when packed together in one office. 


If the team is remote from one another then people change their habits and face outward from the organization and interact with other people around them, therefore increasing the sphere of influence of the buisness, and discovering business opportunities that are regio-specific, not necessarily in the public domain or in the local language.




People interact by: seeing, speaking, hearing and showing.  Therefore you need a means of communication that allows multiple people from multiple sites to communicate as if they were in an office showing and discussing with  colleagues what they are working on.


Our client uses our Cloud Video Conferencing Technology, CeeCloud powered by Videxio, to allow the dispersed team to have to peer-to-peer real time conversations or to host larger team collaborative meetings, with everyone across the globe able to join in.