What's a CEO's most valuable asset?

If you ask most CEO's what's their most valuable asset you will often  hear it is ' people and time'. 


At CeeCloud we are all about giving people back time.


We think that Cloud Video Conferencing is one of the most effective ways of getting time back, as a frequent use of Cloud Video Conferencing means less traveling and less commuting.


A Cloud Video Conferencing system allows you to see and hear the other participants, it allows you to be hear and seen in turn and it allows the sharing of content.


If you could save 1 hour of travel time for 1 person per week that accounts for 44 hours per year; that is equivalent to getting back  6 extra working days per annum for that person.  Across even a small company that is a massive saving.


Please contact CeeLab to get a free demonstration of Cloud Video Conferencing and a consultation on how Cloud Video Conferencing can save you time.