Newsletter May 7

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Stream meetings live to YouTube


Everybody knows how to log onto YouTube and watch videos, so why not use this when broadcasting meetings to a greater number of people.


The great thing about YouTube is that the broadcast can be public or private so you can control who sees the meeting.


The CeeCloud Virtual Meeting room powered by Videoxio allows the live broadcasting to YouTube and you can control whether it's public or private.


Please watch the video below, visit our website or feel free to contact CeLab for a free trial.

Lille - Video Conferencing


CeeLab has over thirty video conferencing systems installed across the French Public Health System, so that the medical professionals can easily meet.


In a recent install the clinician described how colleagues were travelling from Marseilles to Paris for meetings, which was unnecessary now with the power of Cloud Video Conferencing.

Videxio - coordinate your teams around the world


At CeeLab we are all about Cloud Video Conferencing, that is why every Monday we have the team join our weekly coordination meeting through our Cloud Video Conferencing Technology powered by Videxio.


If you have a national and international team that needs to meet and swap information efficiently then Cloud Video Conferencing Technology is for you.


Please contact CeeLab to find out more.

Training online via Cloud Video Conferencing


This week we had an outside consultant come in to talk to us about ISO standards. The issue was the training room was in Norway whilst on of the delegates needed to work from his home, whilst another delegate was in the United Kingdom. At CeeLab this is no issue as we are able to share screens, video and audio via Cloud Video Conferencing, and so though we were not able to have all the delegates physically in the room we were able to have everyone connect remotely through our CeeLab Cloud Video Conferencing Technology.


If you are having a training session and would like to maximise the benefit by having delegates remotely login then feel free to contact CeeLab to discuss our technology.