Is the phone dead for meetings?

Audio conferencing via telephones was once the best way of meeting a number of colleagues who were off site, but there were a couple of glaring issues, which were:


1. ISSUE ONE - with phone conferencing nobody could see anyone els and so delegates were continually tripping over one another as they attempted to speak. Clearly the issue was a lack of visual clues as so delegates could not anticipate that someone was about to speak.


2. ISSUE TWO - The second issue was that phone conferencing s technology did not have the function to share content and presentations in real time, so if there were documents, images etc that could aid the flow of the discussion or clarify a point it was frustrating that they could not be shared in real-time; instead delegates would be hurriedly emailing out documents etc, rather than focusing on what was being said..


These two drawbacks were solved with the advent of Cloud Video Conferencing where video and content can be shared in real time. The result is increased productivity in the meeting as people can see one another, share content as required. The result is shorter more productive meetings.  Most importantly Cloud Video Conferencing means clearer communication and therefore greater understanding and a clear reduction in errors.


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