What's wrong with Cloud Video Conferencing?

What’s wrong with video conferencing:


There’s nothing wrong with video conferencing, but sometimes people have a poor experience and like everything else there is always a reason:


1) Poor hardware – Poor microphones and poor speakers are the biggest culprits for a poor user experience when video conferencing. The effect is that you either can’t be heard by others, or you can’t be heard by others; or a little bit of both.  What to do, of course at CeeLab we are biased so please click the link to get a combined microphone and speaker from Sennheiser.



2) Poor bandwidth – There are two culprits for poor bandwidth, one is your local internet connection, and the other is the bandwidth of the supplier of your Cloud Video Conferencing Technology.



At CeeLab we have a checklist which allows you to test your hardware and bandwidth ahead of your Cloud Video Conferencing.