Are you, your own customer?

Are you using your own product?


Are you using your own product? I recently asked myself this question whilst standing on the tarmac of Lisbon airport waiting to board a plane.   As I stood there in the dark and cold waiting to board my delayed flight I wondered whether the CEO of the airline was using his own product; was he standing in the cold and dark wondering when he will board and take off.  


It made me think that you can have low price as your strategy but you don’t need to lose your love for wanting to do a good job whist focusing on being competativiley priced.  If you are wondering if your product or service is lacking then make sure you are your own best customer.   Make sure you are regularly using your product and be critical. 

At CeeLab we use our product everyday and so we have the analytics to tell us the quality of our service but we also know from our own personal experience. 

If you’re the customer of a low-cost airline and you are wondering if there is a better way then you have found your answer, which is yes. At CeeLab we believe there is a better way of getting to international meetings without every traveling, which is by using Cloud Video Conferencing.