Newsletter March 23

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Carry a VGA and HDMI cable in your bag


Cloud Video Conferencing allows you to be connected to the office even when you are on the road, all our sales guys carry VGA and HDMI cables with them; this means they can often plug into the hotel TV and use it to have a better experience when Cloud Video Conferencing with the team back in the main office.


If you want to improve the efficiency of your saleteam  then we recommend arming them with a VGA cable, a HDMI cable and a Cloud Video Conference License.

Children and the start up mentality - the balance with Cloud Video Conferencing


When you are in a young company you are excited, highly motivated and the work, the pace, the meetings are very engaging. But then you have a child who's off school with a sickness and though your child is happy to sit quietly and watch cartoons you can't go into the main office. 


At CeeLab we are motivated and fast paced, but we are also very appreciative of people and their families, so we use Cloud Video Conferencing throughout the day and practically in every meeting.  This means that colleagues who are not able to be on site can easily join the meetings and be part of the discussion.


If you, like us, have a team who have outside commitments then offer them the flexibility of joining meetings remotely via Cloud Video Conferencing - happy families makes for happy teams.


Please contact us for a free demo of our Cloud Video Conferencing Technology.



CeeLab are all about providing businesses with the best in Cloud Video Conferencing hardware and services so we are delighted to be exhibiting at Check-in@Stansted.


If you want to find out how Cloud Video Conferencing can accelerate your business please feel free to contact us, or meet us at booth 63 at the conference.

Royston Business Awards 2018


CeeLab  has one of its Cloud Video Conferencing Centers in Royston so we are delighted to be attending the Royston Business Awards 2018.


CeeLab is bring Cloud Video Conferencing to Royston please feel free to contact us to discuss how Cloud Video Conferencing can accelerate business.

CeeLab at B2B Cambridge


CeeLab sees that Cloud Video Conferencing should be at the heart of modern business communication, so we are delighted to be exhibiting at The Cambridge B2B, where we will be exhibiting our technology for effective B2B communications.

24 hour Cloud Video Conferencing - we run on Cloud


At CeeLab we run every day all day on Cloud Video Conferencing.


With CeeCloud Video Conferencing we can run our UK office continually with our Norway office. With open uninterrupted cameras, microphones and speakers it means that people in either office can walk up and chat with a colleague in the other office.


If you have a distributed team and you want a sense of being together just leave CeeCloud Video Conferencing powered by Videxio running in the background.


Please contact us to find out more.

Virtual Huddle Rooms


Office space is always a premium with offices and huddle areas scarce and always booked. With the Huddle Hub One everyone can collaborate from their desk by sharing audio visual and content through the Huddle Hub One with colleagues who are also at their individual desks.