Airlines love the handshake

This week we were in Cardiff and a couple of representatives from the airlines came up to us, to sell us on the benefits of flying to meetings, to quote the guy 'nothing can replace the power of the handshake', to which we agree; at CeeLab we are taking flights every week.


In this article we contrast flying to just meeting online.


The true advantage of Cloud Video Conferencing is that it speeds up decision making, which we can illustrate with an anecdote from  today,  the sequence of events was:


1) This morning we meet with a potential supplier at 8 AM, we met online in our CeeCloud Video Conferencing Technology.


2) At 10:00 AM the potential supplier send over a quote.


3) At 3:00 PM we had an internal meeting online to discuss the quote, and at 3:10 PM we had decided we liked the quote and we emailed to say were happy to move forward.


From pitch, to quote, to decision all took place without every having the magic handshake, and the Cloud Video Conferencing sped up the process for all involved.





Please contact CeeLab to see how Cloud Video Conferencing can save you time and money and speed up the decision making process.