Brief history of communication

People love to communicate and we  have been doing so for thousands of years, starting with the face-to-face village meeting. Along the way we have had technologies like the telegraph, fax machines, the telephone, the letter, email, pagers etc.

What is interesting about  communication technologies is when you look back  many that were considered essential  have now become obsolete. 

The one form of communication that has endured is the face-to-face meeting, and is still one of the most effective ways of cominctions ideas, negotiating and organising teams and task..

The reason that face-to-face communication is the oldest and remains effective today is because it has elements that fit  all the different ways people learn, understand and remember. Theses general classes of learning styles are: visual learners, auditory learners and kinesthetic learners.

A face-to-face meeting has elements that will appeal to a visual learner, an auditory learner and a kinesthetic learner, and it all takes place in real time with interactions betwen the delegates, and live feedback.

If we look back at the communication technologies of the past and some which cling on today, they are all one dimensional when compared to the multi-dimensions of a face-to-face meeting; for example a telephone call may appeal to an auditory learner, but is a complete failure with a visual learner.


The question we are answering at CeeLab is how can we have more face-to-face meetings with colleagues and clients without having to travel for every meeting; the answer is to have virtual meeting rooms in the Cloud where people can arrive via their smart devices, where they can see and hear each other in high quality and they can share content from their devices with the other people in the room.


A face-to -face meeting in a virtual meeting room has all the elements of a traditional face-to-face meeting, except that it has the advantage of easy content sharing, so anyone in the meeting can share documents, videos etc with the other people in the room,.


For an online meeting to be successful it has to have a quality technology behind it so that the delegates can focus on the meeting and not be hampered by poor video and audio.

At CeeLab we take a holistic approach to Cloud Video Conferencing in that we first work with our clients to find out what they truly need, and we then put the right technology in place so that they can have a high  quality Cloud video conference experience.


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