Top tips for working anywhere

Top tips for working anywhere


At CeeLab we are traveling a lot, and with offices in the USA, UK and Norway there are a lot of people to talk with in a lot of time zones.


Here are our top IT tips for working anywhere - for authenticity I am writing this note with my laptop perched on my knees sitting in Oakland Airport California.


These are our top tips to to keep us efficient and connected when on the road.


CLOUD FILE STORAGE: Cloud based storage and synchronisation is one of the key tools for being efficient on the road, there are plenty of platforms including Google Drive and Dropbox.


SMARTPHONE HOTSPOT: When traveling WiFi can be unreliable or unavailable, but there is often a mobile phone network, so have roaming on your phone plans; use your smartphone to create a hotspot for your if you have a spotty WiFi connection. 


CLOUD VIDEO CONFERENCING: Though we are on the road we have to talk to clients, customers, collaborators and colleagues; our Cloud Video Conferencing platform is a MUST, for seeing the people we are talking to, having multi-site meetings, and sharing content in real-time.


LAPTOP/MAC: A good computer is key. It should be lightweight and up-to-date. The cloud is useful, but not always accessible, so you need a reliable solid state hard drive with plenty of storage.



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