We think it's good to work both at home and the office.

At CeeLab we are supercool with people working both at home and at the office, why?


1. You get more done in less time 😊


I used to work in an open plan office with about twenty people, I liked my co-workers, but how can you concentrate when there are six conversations going on in parallel, including sales guys making and receiving calls?  Allowing people, the freedom to both come into the office and work from home means they can collaborate face-to-face and then break and go ‘home’ to work against agreed tasks, in a quieter often less distracting environment.


2. Online meetings are much more efficient than face to-face 


Most of what you need for a meeting is on your Laptop/Mac so why bring that to the meeting, why not let the Mac/Laptop bring you to the meeting? Modern online meeting technologies like go-to-meeting, Videxio etc allow remote content sharing and meeting, so rather than walking around with a laptop under your arm just let the laptop take you to an online meeting.


3. Small things don’t stop the work day


When you allow people not to be attached to an office, they can design their work day to meet the demands of their lives. If they have a cold, they can work from home without spreading the virus to others; and if they have to take care of a bill they can manage it quickly without losing a business day. 

If you want a free consultation on teh technologies that allow for effective remote collaboration then please contact us at CeeLab