Streatfields - Build your luxury brand with high quality online meetings

At CeeLab we believe that hiqh quality online meetings are an essential service when building a luxury brand, and so we are delighted to support Streatfields with their Cloud Video Conferencing needs.



Streatfields Skincare crafts luxury shaving creams, which are slowly made, with great attention to every stage of the process - their  creams are never rushed and no corners are never cut in their production.


Streatfield uses high quality Cloud Video conferencing from CeeLab to host both internal and external meetings with: clients, distributors and suppliers.  


Streatfields believe  in the power of the face-to-face meetings, but they also understand that modern business is fast paced and so you need to ability to host meetings in virtual rooms in the Cloud.  


Cloud video conferencing reflects Streatfields, as it is a blend of traditional face-to-face meetings with modern Cloud Conferencing.