Solving customers' problems in realtime

One of CeeLab's clients is a small-medium-enterprise with a global reach, and so with their customers scattered across the country and around the globe they can't necessarily  just come onsite to fix problems and troubleshoot; hence why CeeCloud's online support virtual meeting room allows them to see and solve the customer's problems remotely.  Please see the video to see a real online trouble shooting exercise between the company and the clients


The features that make CeeCloud invaluable when remotely supporting customers are:


1) The customer sees and hears the support engineer and the support engineer sees and hears the customer.


2) The customer can see the content that the engineer is sharing and the engineer can see the content that the customer is sharing.


3) The engineer can record the entire meeting and save the recording and so share it with his other colleagues so that he can get extra support.

The Solution

The engineer in Germany was able to confirm the ZP Engineers thoughts, and added comments to the time line of the video, his conclusion was that the route cause was either: a problem with the device under test, or the electrical connection to the device under test.  The advice was fed back to the customer and it was discovered that the connector was only metallized on one side and so it wasn't making electrical contact with the sample.


CONCLUSION - The Problem was solved by the power of the CeeCloud online virtual meeting room, which allowed easy communication between the front  line support engineer and the client, and because the meeting was recorded and stored in the Cloud a second engineer was able to see confirm the first engineer;s thoughts and so the customer was guided into finding the root-cause.