Why are $ 30,000 Video Conferencing Rooms not being fully utilised?

At CeeLab we see a lot of businesses where some good video conferencing equipment has been installed, but isn't utilised fully.  There are commonly two issues:


1) ISSUE ONE - The equipment can't talk to other peoples' equipment; engineers often refer to this as interoperability, but what they mean is that the conference technology cannot readily communicate with someone who only has a laptop, a smartphone or a video conferencing system from another vendor.


2) ISSUE TWO - There are not enough people trained to use the system, or the quick start guide is not clear enough.


At CeeLab we are solving both issues, so if you have a pre-existing video conferencing system and want to get the full use of it, then please contact CeeLab for a free consultation. We will assess what you have and where you need to be in terms of ease of communication.