Cloud Video Conferencing for the Legal Professions

Security and confidentiality is a central tenant of legal practice and is at the heart of CeeCloud's Cloud Video Conferencing for the Legal Professions.


Online meetings and conferencing calls accelerates buisness and saves costs, and so at CeeLab we have taken the benefits, but made it secure so that it can be used by the legal professions.


Our Cloud Video conferencing technology and business has specific feature pertinent to the legal profession, including:


  • US Patriot Act - We understand that an online communication within a country needs to stay in the country and that is why at CeeCloud we don't route calls out of  the country, i.e. a CeeCloud Video Conference between a solicitor and client who are in the United Kingdom stays, within the United Kingdom, and is not routed off-shore.
  • Lockable Virtual Meeting Rooms - A meeting host sees everyone who is in the virtual room and can virtually lock the door, therefore guaranteeing no third parties can enter/or listen in on the online meeting.
  • Point-of-Presence UK - The CeeCloud Technology for video conferencing within the UK is located within the UK and falls under the local jurisdiction.
  • UK Ltd company - Our business is a UK registered company with the directors resident in the UK.