How to integrate Telephone Conference Calling with Cloud Video Conferencing

Walk into many conference rooms and there will be a landline conferencing phone sitting on the table in front of you; so you immediately know that effective communication to remote stakeholders is important to the teams in that building.


These conference phones are  regularly used and so there is a good group of people in that building who know how to use them , which is the secret to their utility.


The downside of these conference phones is that the people on the other end of the line can't see you when you you want to show them something, similarly you can't share content with them, and equally you can't see them, or what they are trying to show you.


At CeeLab we are respectful that people have established ways of communicating, the question we ask is 'can we keep your existing phone etc, but add cameras and content sharing, so that the meeting moves from feeling like a conference call  more to a face-to-face meeting'.


At CeeLab we integrate your current communication technology with modern video streaming and content sharing so that your conference calls become very personalized events, and less like remote long distance calls.