Recruitment Interviews are even more effective in Virtual Meeting Rooms

We recently hired two new sales guys, one to cover Europe and the other to focus on London. We were looking for natural sales people, who were also good with modern forms of communication. Therefore our first round of interviews were deliberately held online in virtual meeting rooms.  


The process was, we filtered candidates by resumes/linked in profiles and then invited them to meet us online in our Virtual Meeting Room. Each candidate was sent a link to the CeeCloud Virtual Meeting Room and when they clicked the link they were able to enter the meeting rooms.  These rooms allowed us to both and see and hear the candidate and similarly they were able able to see and hear us; in addition we were able to share content from our devices.  During the meeting we were able to 'lock the door' so any other candidates couldn't accidentally enter the room during the interviews.


The result was that we were able to  efficiently screen through more candidates by using an online format. It was  beneficial both for the company and the candidates, as no one had to travel for a first interview, and we could test each candidates skill in an online setting.


The final interviews were held face-to-face, but the candidates that were strongest in the online interviews performed equally well in the final face-to-face interviews and were recruited.


Our conclusion was that  virtual meeting rooms were a great way of interviewing candidates and were 100% accurate in predicting a candidates success.