Online demos versus onsite demos

Often customers want to see before they buy, and the old adage 'seeing is believing' holds true, therefore you are often asked to come on site and do a demo.  In this article we advise doing an online demo, before going onsite and doing a demo at the customer's facility.


What's wrong with  going straight to an onsite demos?


  1. Onsite demos can be intrusive to the customer, i.e the customer has to host you from arrival to departure.
  2. The customer has to get all the interested stakeholders in the same room/lab/area at the same time.
  3. The customer may be requesting a demo without truly understanding the product, so the demo isn't aligned with the customer's expectations or requirements.
  4. A budget is not in place and it may take several years for  the money to be found.
  5. Demos take place in an environment outside your control so things you would need are not in place, or don't function correctly. 
  6. The customer may not be fully committed to the purchase and so they are requesting the demo more out of curiosity rather than being ready to purchase.
  7. The sales price of the product/service doesn't justify the travel budget etc to do an onsite demo

If any of these points  are familiar then an alternative strategy would be to first host a quality online demonstration in a virtual meeting room.  


An online demonstration means you have total control of the demonstration and neither you or the customer has to leave either of your facilities.


In our experience online demonstrations often leads to an immediate request for quote and so accelerates the entire sales cycle, and a good online demo can eliminate the need for an on-site demo altogether.


CeeLab provides the entire package for hosting successful customer facing online demos, including: the necessary Hardware, the Cloud Virtual Demo Rooms and training on how to host a successful online demo.


Please contact CeeLab to request a free demo of our online Demonstration Rooms, designed to accelerate your sales cycle.


Remember an online demo is the fastest way of getting a customer's buy in before going on site for a face-to-face demo.