Virtual Training Rooms replacing Real World Rooms

Today CeeLab helped our client host their first 50 person training session within a virtual training room.


The typical situation was that up to 50 people would be expected to travel to a hotel for the day ,where the trainers would present and field questions.  


The client estimated  that it was costing over 200 work hours just in travel, so this month instead of having the trainees pack into a room the client used their CeeCloud Virtual Meeting room.  


Each trainee was able to enter the meeting room by simply clicking a link, with no need for accounts, passwords, user names etc.


The trainer was able to see a list of everyone who had entered the room and was able to immediately mute any delegates who had excessive background noise . Once everyone had entered the virtual training room  the trainer was able to virtually lock the door so they wouldn't be disturbed.  The trainer could be seen and heard by the trainees via the cameras and microphones; and the trainer was able to share the content of their presentation in real time.


The quality of the experience left both trainers and trainees delighted and wondering why they used to travel through the commute when they could just login.

If the image below is familiar please contact Ceelab for a free demo of our online training rooms.