Video Conferencing with Slide Sharing

A CeeLab client had CeeLab Video Conferencing Equipment and the CeeCloud service; their enquiry was '...we  are having a VC meeting next week  from a hotel in London, and we want the far end to call in using a variety of devices, so I said we would use the CeeCloud Virtual Meeting room system.  In the room we will have our Sony PCS-XG80 (H.323 based system), connecting through the hotel infrastructure in the normal way.  The client wants to share slides, so I would normally connect the laptop to the Codec and use the H.239 facility; does this still work with the Videxio system?.


The CeeLab engineer replied 'Yes, sharing slides using the usual PC input to the codec works fine with the VMR. All video participants will see the slides, independent on their endpoint type. One comment to the PC sharing, if you share using the XG80, it is limited to SXGA and has a 4:3 aspect ratio.  If the guy sharing rather use a PC with MyMeetingVideo application and calls into the meeting, he will be able to share full HD and 16:9 aspect ratio. Your judgement what to do, we find that we often have a PC calling in purely for sharing in the highest resolution possible.  To have several sequential meetings, where overrunning shall be allowed, you need two VMRs...'